"The Nightie Shop Story"

This is the love child of Moira's nostalgic dreams. It really should have been called "Moira's Dreamy, Nostalgic Nighties Hand Picked For You", but how would y'all have found that online with Mister Google...
Moira grew up in the late 70's & 80's surrounded by her nightie makin' Great Grandmothers and Grandmas.  She learnt from a very young age that the comfort of a special nightie was as good for the soul as the perfects night sleep.  Not just any cotton will do....No No! Only the best quality cotton, voile, cotton lawn, poplin and muslin to be sewn.
Moira's happiest place during the height of her nightie appreciation years was during her 30's, sittin up in bed with her best friend reading books and talking nighties with always white cotton hotel thickness sheets and the smell of baby powder armpits after a refreshing shower.
You see Moira is an old soul at heart and finds so much comfort in the simple things life has to offer.  Like the smell of rain (petrichor she will proudly explain to you); the feeling and smell of brand new pages of a novel ; sipping tea while writing her journal and watering the garden in the company of her many furry loving pets.  She's hoping one day to add to her collection a pet goat and a goose.
Today Moira is living her best unruffled life by the bay, handing out her cup of nightie nostalgia to women all around Australia, from the tip of Tassie to the hottest corner of WA.  
Working closely with a family owned nightie dealer in Australia all of these fabrics are traditional cotton voile (just like Liberty of London fabric)  with patterns hand block printed in India, giving a supreme quality and style that is few and far between.
When you open your nightie order you will feel all the love and blessings it brings you straight into your home.
If you need some of Moira's help or advice on sizing she is only a phone call away.
Yes a real person !
Thank you for popping by and sharing Moira's nightie love affair with us x


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