Your nighties are too expensive!!!!

Something that pops up all the time on our Facebook Posts are that our Nightie are too expensive....

It's a question I love the opportunity to explain, especially when people comment without considering the real person behind that Facebook Post that has bought a dream and a small business to life all on her own.

Just like skincare or makeup or shoes or underpants and even toilet paper, there will always be different needs and price ranges for everyone's preference.

There will be endless reasons for price difference, some quality reasons, some where they are made and by who and others it's just a name. Like everything, we have a choice on what we purchase, no one forces you into buying something you consider to be too expensive.

When I started The Nightie Shop I wanted to offer my customers what they were searching for : quality 100% cotton nightgowns and sleepwear that is traditional but still beautiful with a modern fresh twist. Suitable for all ages, body shapes and sizes.

Our beautiful nighties are made of the finest cotton, this you will feel as soon as you unwrap your package. Each nightie has it's own unique finishes; cotton lace neckline trimming or fine pin tuck pleats around the bust, smocking or ruffles and gathers to finish the hem or the sleeve ends. It's true, it's all the little things, the final touches that make our nighties and sleepwear special and worth the price on the tag.

Our nighties are not made in China for a few dollars but in a family owned business in India where age old techniques, fabrics and textiles have been handed down and a strong relationship exists between theses families who bring our nightgowns into Australia.

There are styles, brands, sizes, looks, fabrics and prices for literally everyone's needs and budget, so next time you want to voice your opinion on price for something make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

No matter what you choose to sleep in I wish you sweet dreams and rich sleep.

Sincerely yours,