What makes the perfect Night Gown?

Of course there is bound to be hundreds of choices when it comes to sleepwear, think about it. There are millions of women around the world and not all of us look for the same thing in a nightie.  

This is a fabulous outcome for all of us. Because all of that choice is now basically at our fingertips!  Just type what you like into the search bar and you're greeted with thousands of choices.  Nightgowns, nightdresses, sleepwear, nighties, night robe, bedgown, nightshirt, bedclothes and on and on and on.

Too many to choose from? Yes, it gets all too much and you just save it for another day and go and make yourself a cup of tea.

This I know from speaking to hundreds of brilliant woman over the years that just keep repeating the same words to me.....  It's just so hard to find good, light, pure cotton nighties that aren't too daggy.

Eventually these words just kept repeating in my head and I felt I had a duty to society and women, mostly all over Australia, to give them their stylish nighties!

You're here aren't you? Reading these very words, which means I did it..! 

This is me Moira from THE NIGHTIE SHOP - AUSTRALIA.  I am so delighted to have you here, if I could virtually grab you a proper cup of tea, served in a proper cup and saucer with a bickie on the side, I would !

That is the experience I want you to feel each time you visit me here at The Nightie Shop. Which is not run from up in the clouds somewhere but right here in my home by the sea in sunny Queensland, Brisbane -  Australia.

Now, I promise never to confuse you and your nightgown adventures with anything less than just good ole fashion (but more modern) 100% cotton nighties.

No silk, no polyester, no blends just cotton okay?!

I look forward to these chats so please make sure you say hello 👋

Sincerely Yours,

Moira xx