The Nightie Know It All

There is certainly one thing I will proudly profess to being a 'know it all' about ; that is the wonderful, empowering, elegance and grace of Women's nighties and nightgowns.  

These brilliant 'gowns' since the dawn of history have given us the those swooning, graceful images that come to mind when we think of the Royal Family flopping into bed or the Downtown Abbey ladies and Bridgerton folk swanning around their boudoir's.  

Light, breathable, fine cotton nighties, nightgowns, nightdress, nightwear, house dress, house coats, brunch coats or whatever you refer to them as, all have a very special period charm and character feel to them. There is not doubt donning this dreamy night time sleep costume will pop you right into the most relaxed and calm sleep dreams every time.

Most popular of course and worth a mention is the pure white 100% cotton nightgowns like our lovely Billie nightie. She is our most popular traditional style that we imagine as that loose, floaty, ridiculously fine cotton fabric.

There are so many Nightie elements and Nightgown trends I continue to cover in my following notebook entires to you, but please know that if you ever do need true honest nightie advice I am only a phone call away.

Sending breezy nightgown love to you


Moira from the nightie shop Australia signature