Mother's Day Nightie Tradition

It's that time of year when there is a cool change in the weather especially early mornings.  Almost time to pull on your dressing gown while you make that first cup of tea. 

Of course it's May ! Mother's Day is in May and a tradition for so many of us when it comes to finding the perfect gift for Mum on Mother's Day for me has always been sleepwear.  Maybe because it's personal, not something our Mum's buy for themselves and so on.  From my own little family as long as I can remember I have always received cotton nighties and Ugg boots or some brilliant kind of slipper to go with my sleepwear. 

One thing I do believe is that you can never have enough sleepwear.  It is our uniform for sleeping in, our dream coats, our comfort wear when we are sick, our wearable hug on shitty days, our reward to say your day is done, it's time to relax.  What ever your preferred sleepwear choice is, if any : honour it and really think about what makes you feel as light as a feather and free as a bird when it time to slip into bed.  

Traditional? Yes it is, but still meaningful and special is that dressing gown and matching night gown on Mother's Day.